Česká finanční poradenská a.s.
Vodařská 232/2
619 00 Brno - Horní Heršpice
IČ: 45274070

Established 1992

Residual file receivables - a one-time purchase

We purchase receivables files regardless of their quality, enforcement and legal status.

All these factors we take into account only in the purchase price. We do not select just some of the receivables but we always buy a whole set so the seller has no worries with some unsaleable receivables or with the rest of receivables.

We have many years experience with the purchase of receivables and we can react on specific offer very flexibly including contractual assurance and related legal actions, such as changing the party etc.

This service is intended primarily for bankruptcy and insolvency administrators and liquidators, but of course we can provide it also for other business entities.