Česká finanční poradenská a.s.
Vodařská 232/2
619 00 Brno - Horní Heršpice
IČ: 45274070

Established 1992

Crisis management of the company

Our company specializes in crisis management. It represents the securing of the managment in companies, which got to unexpected problems. We help these companies to take radical steps leading to rescue and subsequent recovery of the company.

Purchase and sale of equity shares in the company

If you are interested in strategic and capital investment we will prepare recommendations on appropriate investments and we will provide our clients with investment analysis and consequently capital investment in selected companies.

Finding a strategic partner

When the expansion of the company is needed we will process based on a business plan, a financial plan and we will recommend an appropriate type of financing and its scope. If needed we will try to find a suitable strategic investor, whether it be just a financial investor or also a business partner.